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Network of Brothers shares a vision to address the need for greater connectivity among minority, men of color, and youth in the community.

The first meeting in 2008 was a high-spirited evening that began with the melodious sounds of the Houston's Imani Jazz Ensemble. As patrons entered, they were greeted with spoken selections by The Pointe Book and given Afrocentric-inspired gifts donated by Third World Imports. Attendees gathered into friendly dialogue on family, health, politics, spirituality, and the purpose of men in  the community.


It was from this gathering that a new vision was born, including establishing the name: Network of Brothers.


The quorum consisted of a diverse group of 38 adults and young men spanning multiple ages, socioeconomic, religious, educational levels, and professional interests. 



Byron Cobbin is the founder and current board chair of the Network of Brothers, Inc. Since its inception in 2006 he has provided the foundational leadership to accelerate this nonprofit in creating opportunities for minority mentoring, family support, and community development.

Byron has served in many capacities professionally and with other nonprofits. Byron is lifelong educator, researcher, and community builder (advocate…architect).

He currently serves as a Career and Technology educator with Aldine Independent School District. Previously he worked to administer the largest federal entitlement program (Title 1, Part A) in Houston Independent School District. Prior to joining HISD, Byron worked to resolve client complaints and supported policy interpretation with Texas Department of Health and Human Services (formerly Texas Department of Human Services).

He is noted for creating and building relationships among private sector companies, public sector organizations, and individuals that meet every day societal concerns.

Byron is a graduate of Fisk University and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He also holds a Master of Public Administration degree in public policy from Texas Southern University and a Masters of Education degree in educational leadership from University of Houston.

He is a member Windsor Village United Methodist Church, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., He serves as vice chair for the Rutherford B. H. Yates Museum.

Learn about our Main Goals and Objectives

Learn about our Main Goals and Objectives


We are a Houston-based non-profit that achieves and provides programming to minority males in the greater Houston area designed to open doors and create a desire for learning, professionalism, and excellence.

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